Sunday, 9 November 2014

To Begin at the Beginning…

…This, reflecting perhaps my unchanging enjoyment of Dylan Thomas, was the title of the very first editorial I ever wrote, 18 years ago, as the newly appointed editor of the equally new British Journal of Chiropractic (, which congratulated the profession within the UK for its commonality of educational and professional aims and standards and welcomed the immanent arrival of the General Chiropractic Council with chiropractic taking its place in the pantheon of regulated healthcare professions!

Ironically, the theme for my first professional blog is taken from the very last editorial I wrote.  By then, the journal had become international under its new identity Clinical Chiropractic and my ‘Fond Farewell’ took a few well-aimed swipes both at chiropractic bloggers, and the profession’s self-appointed, mostly unqualified detractors ( who unsurprisingly feed gleefully off the rabid, misspelt ravings of the few in order to give credence to their own prejudicial misconceptions.

“Thou shalt not blog” was my first commandment for the Chiropractic post-2012 and yet here I am, two years later, asking colleagues to do as I say, rather than as I do.  There are, however, reasons for this apparent hypocrisy, most of which boil down to wanting to expand the information already available of our website to provide rolling, easily updated patient-centred resources and educational health tools in  a medium that integrates with our existing social media platforms … in other words, I want to help patients and promote my clinics, which, after all, is how we all actually make our living.

I am not, however, so blind to my own peccadilloes that I can’t spot the smidgen of arrogance that makes me believe I can blog professionally enough to rise above the errors that I can so easily spot in others.  I do however, feel that I may by now have earned that right: I have written since the age of six, when I launched a hand-written and drawn comic called Everyone’s Bounce – it featured a frog as it’s lead character – price 3d (yes, d not p); I have done so professionally since the age of 16 when I found myself working for a local paper and freelancing for national ones.  I have written text books; articles and editorials for peer-reviewed and professional journals; a novel (bar the last chapter-and-a-half); a research thesis; press releases and the content for 17 social media platforms.  At the last estimate, this was something around 12 million words … I have served my apprenticeship!

If I want to blog, blog I shall.

The best antidote to bigotry and ignorance is reason and education; persistence and patience.

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